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Last Chance Salon Podcast

Jun 30, 2015

41: People who eat people are the luckiest people in the world… maybe?  Liv Morgan of iZombie fame would likely disagree, but Dr. Hannibal Lecter, well.  He’s been planning it all for years now, hasn’t he?  We’ll never look at oysters and acorns, or pizza, for that matter, the same way again. And the snails....

Jun 16, 2015

Luke and Shiri attempt to dive into Lightspeed: Queers Destroy Science Fiction and end up toes only because the water is just too cold. Next, we discuss Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear, which does well that which Lightspeed attempted and strove very hard to achieve. Our joint GRRR this week involves much raving vis a vis...

Jun 3, 2015

We visit the original matrix and talk cyberpunk with Neuromancer (and a bit about Snow Crash). Then we discuss the Netflix Original Daredevil (spoilers: we loved it.) And finally, as we always do, we have the Grrr and the Arrrgh.