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Last Chance Salon Podcast

Jan 13, 2015

29: Love it, Hate it

Here at the Last Chance Salon, we're chock full of surprises and this week, we're sharing them with you fine folks!  Luke and Shiri expected to love the film adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns, for example, but herein proceed to enumerate the many, many reasons we, in fact, thought it should be consigned to a tree house of abject terror.  They move on to Beth Cato's The Clockwork Dagger, which both opened with great trepidation and long standing Steampunk-disappointment syndrome finding, against genre based expectations, an absolute gem of a book.  After a brief digression into why 2015 will be the year of phenomenal sequels in the book world, and generally fucking awesome in that of comics, Luke and Shiri Grrr and Arrrgh.