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Last Chance Salon Podcast


Apr 5, 2016

Luke here.

This blog and the podcast that it exists to support are a labor of love. In a crazy week, sitting down and recording an episode or banging out some blog posts is one of the things I look forward to the most. 

That being said, the two of us are crazy busy, and our recording schedule and even the schedule of consumption of things to discuss on the pod has suffered. After talking about, we have decided to put the podcast on hold for a bit. Give both of us a chance to recover, catch up, and get re-energized.

So, it might be a couple of weeks, maybe a month, before we see another new episode. In that time I am hoping to keep the blog posting up, which I clearly need to do. (Just looking at the success and number of posts my co-host has managed...)

We are not going anywhere, but might be quiet around here for bit.

As always, thanks.