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Last Chance Salon Podcast

Dec 29, 2013

Shiri has a thesis about Horns by Joe Hill. Luke thinks applying the word thesis to a novel is hilarious. We ponder Agents of SHIELD and let you in on the the secret of where our ideas come from. And we end with both That Which Sucks and Something Good. Shiri actually has two somethings, but she hasn't told...

Dec 15, 2013

In Episode One, Luke and Shiri talk Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane, Sleepy Hollow, the Oxford Comma, and chat about our projects. This week, we end on an up note with Something Good. Next week, we'll also end an up note with Something Good. After we rant about That Which Sucks. Apologies for the...

Watch this space

Dec 12, 2013


WHAT IS IT: a podcast!

WHY SHOULD I LISTEN: Shiri and Luke babble on about writing, science fiction/fantasy books, movies and TV. And someone eats M&Ms during the podcast. (This episode only!!!)

WHEN CAN I HEAR IT: Check back on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

A podcast so exciting that unless you...