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Last Chance Salon Podcast

Dec 15, 2014

27: Happy 1st Birthday, LCSP

Exactly one year ago yesterday, Luke and Shiri first posted the first episode of LCSP, replete with complete and utter bullshit they babbled at one another.  A year older, and, if at all possible less wise, we blather on about the fantabulous John Sclazi’s newest, Lock-In.  And by blather, I mean praise.  Tout.  Otherwise say mostly complimentary things about.  Changing it up a bit, we move into our best-of lists for the year (books, comics, media… thingys, and how happy we are that we’re either old enough, or art has gotten cheap enough, that we can have it on our walls).  Happy birthday, LCSP, and non-denomination specific winter gift giving festivities to all!